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Njord – Nautilus kayaks

Njord  – Roberto Yañez Vargas

Roberto Yañez Vargas, Nautilus Kayaks in Spain, mailed a couple of photos of his new kayak, a beautiful Njord. Like his previous kayaks, a Jehu, a Black Pearl, A Frej L, and a Spray, it is professionally built on order (he primarily build kayaks from Guillemot and from me)

If you understand Spanish, you may find Roberto's instructive videos on kayak building interesting. Some of them, fx the one on Maroske deck fittings, are useful even without understanding Spanish ;-)

Njord – Roberto Yañez Vargas,  Nautilus Kayaks

Njord – Roberto Yañez Vargas

Njord – Roberto Yañez Vargas , Nautilus Kayaks


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