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Paddle repair

tapered finger splice joint

With a kind of crude tapered finger splice joint the old paddle got a new tip, instead of the one probably floating around along the swedish southwest coast.

The "fingers" were cut with a douzuki saw, with some difficulty in getting a true fit. Too much epoxy in the joints would have increased weight and compromised the balance of the paddle. The tip were rough shaped on a jointer and then sanded.

Now it only needs a rubbing down

Tried in the simplest of ways - a finger under the midpoint - the balance seems fine. The new blade tip feels a little more flexible though. That may be due to differences in wood quality, or that the old blade been repeatedly soaked in cold salt water through the years...


Very nice repair indeed. It shows good craftsmanship in wood working.

I guess making a compleet new one has not crossed your mind as it was your favorite paddle?

Oj, vad snyggt! Gör nu likadant i andra ändan


I have tried to make duplicates at two different occations the last year - but none of them turned out quite with the feel of the old one. The best one was very close but a little more flexible - so in the end I stick to the old favorite. Maybe old habits tricks me into viewing all differences as bad. Maybe the new ones are every bit as good - er even better. But that I will not know until the old one is beyond repair.

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