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Launching in Lommaa

What was supposed to be a short practice run in drizzling rain (according to the weather forecasts) turned out to be a nice tour in magnificient weather - with the camera in the hands almost as much as the paddle. Launching in Lomma as often, some rolling outside the beach – discovered that Warren Williamson´s fluid roll in the film clip, was actually quite easy – and a short workout trip along the beach to Bjärred.

Clouds over Malmö

But the real attraction of the trip was the weather and the play of light against the horizon. Every now and then a heavy swell rolled in, indicating harder winds further north in Kattegatt and Skagerack - and the Weather Services promised rain remained a dark magnificient cloud bank over Denmark. In the intense light the shallows glowed turqoise. I wish I had brought a better camera than the little Olumpus (720SW...


Läckra bilder, Björn! :)

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