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Power failure

Kerosene lamp and headlamp

Power lines, thick ice and hard wind is not a good combination. Apart from traffic problems with the southern tip of sweden in ice glazing, we had a massive power shortage in the city. Totally dark: traffic lights, streep lights, industries - everything shut down for an hour and restrated in section during the afternoon.

It was a reminder of the vulnerability of a society depending on a working infrastructure. Old kerosene lamps, candles and headlamps, afternoon coffee on the outdoor range and slowly decreasing temperature as the water in the communal hot water pipes temp slowly cooled. Not even my laptop worked since my AC-powered wireless router shut down and as the small laptop is built with the DVD-player in the (AC-powered) docking station, I couldn´t even load my work from backup discs. So in the end there was nothing to do but relax, make some coffee, get todays paper and a couple of books and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.


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