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Reinforced paddle – a neat solution

Greenland paddle – Ove Sigvardsson

"Hello Björn!

Greenland paddle – Ove Sigvardsson I use for a number of years only my home-made GP:s, but is a little frustrated by how vulnerable the wood is, especially in the tips.

After some testing I have made a couple of paddles with strip-technique: hollow fir, fiberglass, and for strength, kevlar over the tips.

After a winter/ spring and now a couple of weeks on island Åland and along the north-east coast of Sweden I am very happy with the paddles. It has been subjected to some abuse, mainly from rough landings on rocky shores, with just a minimal "fuzzyness" on the kevlar edge to show for it..

Ove Sigvardsson. Hudiksvall"

Greenland paddle – Ove Sigvardsson

Greenland paddle – Ove Sigvardsson

"PS. Forgot to mention that the 226 cm long paddle weights 800 grams.
(89" and 28,2 oz)"


Det vore intressant med en närmare byggbeskrivning av denna snygga och tåliga paddel.

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