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Shop with potential

At Petrus Kajak in Tranås the shop is always in full swing: kayaks, canoes, dinghies and now also a 2,4 sailing boat on the strongback - boats built for the rental business, boats built on order, workbenches and tools for rent for amateurs building their own crafts (with building materials, advice and guidance as needed) and so on...

Boats in every corner

2,4 is the old mini twelves in a revamped version - a fun boat to sail and perfect in the renting fleet. Lake Sommen is turning into a 2,4 center as a consequence of Petrus´ work. There is 6 boats in the fleet and more coming. The one in the shop is a new competitive design with state_of the art potential.

New 2,4 in the shop

2,4 is an extremely versatile craft. At the same time a highly competetive sailing class, an ideal trainer where even beginners can learn the art of sailing and one that is very easy to convert to a craft for disabled sailors.


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