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Singoalla news

Petrus Singoalla project

Two reports from solo canoes Singoalla under construction in Sweden.

Petrus Kajak in Tranås is building a Singoalla for a customer in northern Sweden. In the right pic Petrus holds the hull in one hand, satisfied over the very low weight of the hull. More on the intense building activity in Tranås on Petrus´ site.

Magnus´ Singoalla

From Magnus Stenlund in Västerås I got a short report and a couple of pics: "Hello Björn! Attached are a couple of pics of the hull, built stapleless from molded strips from Haveriet and glued with carpenters glue. I cheated with nails and staples on the bottom since this will be painted, to simplify touch-up of scratches. An inspiring project this far. Next comes laminating. Cheers Magnus Stenlund"


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