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Spindrift – Ken Katz


Ken Katz in Oregon launched an impressive Spindrift earlier this fall – impressively built, functionally and visually and with lots of instructive photos of the process. Intended for mostly small to moderate waves, Ken decreased the rocker slightly, which means higher top speed for a not too heavy paddler, but with the downside of also limiting the maneuverability when surfing bigger waves. This is a tricky balance that I would love to hear more about.

"Hi Bjorn,

I finally got around to putting some building pics of the ski together. See the link below. Thanks for a great design, I love it! Haven't been in any big water yet but that will change in the next couple of weeks when I head south to the San Francisco bay area. She floats perfectly on her lines is very stable and fast. Elegant is a word that comes to mind. I guess I will find out if removing the rocker was a mistake soon. So far, so good. I may be in touch next Spring if I get motivated to build another ski for Luanne. Hope your Winter is going well and happy holidays.


Here is the link to the photo gallery and one to an article about the project on On Kayak Building Forum Ken's surfski have been discussed, admired and commented.

Ken Katz – Spindrift

Ken Katz – Spindrift

Ken Katz – Spindrift

Spindrift – finish!



This could be the coolest kayak ever! I recently decided not to build again (I even scrapped my hardback last weekend...) but these pictures makes me reconsider. I wish you all the best with this fantastic boat.

Looks awesome, Ken!! What fit and finish. I like the integration of the carbon bucket and the rudder recess. Sweet build.

You'll knock 'em dead in San Francisco, Ken.

And thanks a million for putting up the excellent photo series.

Hi Ken,

Beautiful surfski, and thank you for sharing your photos. I hope we have builders like you in our country.


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