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Spray – Mark Tremorrow

Spray – Mark Tremorrow


  After about 10 months of work, the wooden surfski ‘Spray’ is now complete.  Took it out for initial on-water trials on our local lake last week.  It paddles well, fast but not too tippy.  I am able to keep up with the racing K1 at the local canoe/kayak club, and it definitely is eye-catching on the water.  I am very happy to have chosen the ‘Spray’ design.

I would describe my build as ‘not perfect, but parts of it are excellent’.  I guess every builder knows where the flaws are.  It is made of a combination of western red and yellow cedar strips, 5.5mm by 25mm.  The red cedar was used for the fore-deck and for accent pieces.  The white strips down the centerline and edges of cockpit are spruce.   I used about 3.5 litres of West System epoxy with 4-oz cloth.  I purchased a set of peddles and rudder from a surfski manufacturer (NELO), but I ended up making rails out of maple to adjust the peddles fore-aft.  I tried to make it light at every step, but it ended up 17kg.  I suspect I over-built the cockpit a little bit.

Cheers, Mark Trevorrow

(Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Spray – Mark Tremorrow


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