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The paddle finished

The paddle finished

Done! The usual treatment - Stockholm Tar, a dash of solvent, another of linseed oil and a little pigment (english red), brushed on with heat from a heat gun and after a while the surplus cleaned off with a piece of cotton cloth. After a few days (in this case the day after - I couldn´t wait getting out paddling again) I apply a thin coat of boiled linseed oil with a cloth, then polish up a dull sheen with fine steel wool. The other paddles, my short spare and the norsaq, were done at the same time.

Treated thus, the paddles last a long time (except when I break them), resist water and get a comfortable feel with the right amount of friction, dry or wet, but without casing blister or wear with heavy use.


Hey, I at least like the new look... It IS hard giving up a favorite paddle. With the nice, long tapers it should be a repair that last a long time. Now you'll have to snap the other end so they match! ;)

/ Dan

Yes, it has been suggested. But you know symmetry and consistency are overrated qualities. Said in your part of the world (though a little to the south) hundred and fifty years ago: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines" (Ralph Waldo Emerson of the Concord Transcendentalists).

I think I wait until natural causes (hope not!) give me a reason to fix the other end - and meanwhile I think the assymetry makes a nice conversation piece...

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