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Time for Nuremberg...

...and the biggest paddling trade expo in the world: everything from kayaks, canoes, SUP:s, to outfitting, apparel and more or less paddling-related gadgets. My job will be to help introduce Black Pearl, Qanik and the other kayaks I designed for Seabird, to chat with dealers, mingle with collegues, check out the competetion and other expo-related occupations.

This is the last of all those assignments I optimisticly accepted half a year ago, without realizing that it has been something almost every weekend for the last two months. It is time things slow down a little, so I can get back on track with some slightly mismanaged tasks: answering mails in time, shipping plans, managing website and graphic design assignments...

It has been a lot of fun and very rewarding with Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Stocken, Tjärö and a few more in Sweden, but for next season I plan to get better at saying no! 


Lycka till. Det trodde du nog inte för några år sedan.

Nej. Det är en hel del jag inte trodde för några år sedan ;-)

Ha de gött på mässan, hade varit roligt att följa med men det är som vanligt man kan inte vara över allt. Hälsa!

Petrus och Iréne

Viel Glück und gute Reise.

Hurry back. I need those BP plans. ;)

Have a fun trip.

Hahaha, vilken underbar film!

Hi Bjørn

Nice meeting you in Nurnberg. And our little talk :-)

Tack, jag återkommer med en rapport om hur det var...

Dan, I shipped the plans before flying to Nürnberg – hope you have them by now...

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