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Two Nomads in Brazilian Cedar

Hello Björn!

Now our spring-project is done - bar some small adjustments in the cockpit.


Started early spring and there are approx 150 hours in each kayak.

The trials tonight went well, you were absolutely right about the dimensions of Anne-Maries kayak.

Now I have to work hard to keep up with my wife in touring pace. I felt at ease with the stability unloaded, but Anne-Marie preferred a little ballast.

They track well and turns on a dime with skeg up.

Two new Nomads

Anne-Maries kayak is 5600X520, weighting 20 kilo, mine is 5800X560 and one kg heavier - both built in Brazilian Cedar.

Best regards, Jörgen and Anne-Marie


riktigt vacker måste jag säga snygg kontrast med svart sarg runt sittbrunn och luckor.

hoppas de ger många härliga stunder till sjöss

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