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Visiting pearl...

Photo from Escape Outdoors

One of the first finished Black Pearls fron the kayakshop in Tranås has been on an introductory tour. Here are pics from a visit at Escape Outdoors in Gothenburg Escape Outdoors in Gothenburg

Escape will also sell the Seabird line of kayaks, with the new Black Pearls, Qaniq, Sea Pearl etc.


Hi - Looks cool :-)

Kind of "Wooden Living room and Stylish Exterieur" - I like it.

Simple question - what kind/type of hatch covers are you using? This type of covers on the pics - I usaly know from sailing boats but not in this size.

Do you have a website/brand name?

Regards form Swiitzerland,


The hatchis are made by RWO and I by them from Båths in Gothenburg/ Petrus

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