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Test av ytbehandlingar


Dan Caouette på CSFW, som byggt flera BlackPearl och Njord på beställning, har gjort en mycket ambitiös test av oilka ytbehandlingar för kajaker – inklusive spackling med vit och svart grafit. Jag har länkat tidigare till den, men med många frågor om just grafit senaste tiden, tycker jag den förtjänar ny uppmärksamhet. Här är den (på engelska förstås).

Till sist en liten lustighet från Dans sajt (ursprungligen från Fine Woodworking): en rysk youtube-film om ett annorlunda sätt att transportera hem virke med liten bil ;-)


At this point I can not recommend using the white graphite (at least my version). As you know we used the "Azure" Njord as a long term testbed for the white graphite. After a year of use in both salt and fresh water we came to the conclusion that although it worked great in regards to abrasion, it actually stained (fouled) quite easily. It was very difficult to keep white. The hull needed to be recoated. One option was to modify the white graphite (perhaps adding some dry Teflon would help?). Another thought was to add the white graphite powder into a topside urethane paint. In the end the hull was recoated with a hard epoxy-based bottom paint designed for trailered sail and power boats. We did not make test samples of the bottom paint for the drag sled. It would have been interesting.

The black graphite mixture using West 423 powder is proven and whole-heartily endorsed. The hull of the one commercial kayak I made last year (a real hybrid: strip hull and SOF deck) was coated with black graphite. The hull design looks very Black Pearl-ish but is actually a semi-historical replica of the early 1800's LC-148 museum specimen from East Greenland (similar heritage for the excellent BP).

I will be posting an update to the mentioned test very soon.


Thank you for the follow-up, and I look forward to the update...


I just posted the above-mentioned update. Sorry it took so long.


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