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Depending on weather...

Gale and squalls

A planned talk/demo was cancelled this friday. Westerly near gale and squalls on the unprotected western coast of Skåne is not the best conditions to introduce new paddlers. The telephone call came on friday morning (just a couple of hours after the old ash tree in the garden broke in a gust) - cancelled!

The positive thing is that the weather gods was very clear this time (28-34 knots from the worst possible direction). Nothing to question, nothing to grieve - and a very obvious, albeit annoying, decision.

Much more irritating are all those times when you sweat over decisions that could go either way. Go through with the arrangement and risk scared beginners, capsizing, towing and debriefing afterwards (explaining that paddling is not like this every time!) - or cancelling and likely spending the day in the garden, looking at sunshine and a light breeze, and fret about the cowardice...

No, I prefer a digital weather world without any analogue ambiguity: perfect paddling weather (whatever that is - might even in another context be just the friday weather) - or awful enough to let you enjoy other activities without second thoughts...


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