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Gunnar´s Nomad

Gunnar´s Nomad

From Gunnar Clarfjord, who recently presented a clever way to glue the hull-deck-joint, came a mail:

"Hello Björn. At last, after three months work, I have launched and paddled my Nomad. I couild have waited until the Easter holiday, but curiosity got the better of me. I was lucky, got it all - calm, hard wind and steep waves.

Inviting cockpit

The first impression was of stability - more than in the GRP kayaks I have tried. A little "wiggly" and unruly in gusts. With skeg down she behaved nicely, even with hard wind on the quarter. On the wind she took some water over the stem, but none reached the cockpit. Good, but even more impressive was the responsiveness. Skeg up, a little leaning and she turns on a dime. No need for any rudder here! I have omitted bulkheads and hatches. The hull is fake mahogany (stained) but decorations on the deck, the rim and skeg handle box are genuine mahogany. The weight is slighly below 19 kg. The Nomad must be one of the most beautiful kayaks ever, but there are few photos. I submit a couple if you can find a place for them.

Happy easter"
Gunnar Clarfjord


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