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Light over the Sound

Low water in Lomma
Magnificent light over the Sound

It was a lovely winter tour. Easterly around 14 knots, scattered clouds, 3 deg C warm (5 in the water). High pressure and landwind together created a very low water situation. I launched north of Lomma (where the dense vegetation offers lee for changing clothes) and took a short trip south to Alnarps Fälad for a short coffee break. Back again with som rolling underways. Approx 13 km and 25-30 rolls.

View south towards Malmo
View south towards Malmo

The light was so overwhelming that I began thinking water colors: paynes gray, cobolt, cereulean, raw och burnt sienna, while reaching for the camera every tenth or so paddle stroke. I had forgotten my light paddling gloves and had to use the real winter ones (three finger gloves in 5 mm neporene) - a little too warm, but at least I now know that the microscopical buttons on my Olympus can be operated with these on.

Low water
Low water beach

As often I was alone on the water, but the beaches were full of people walking. ASome hundered meters off the shore at Strandhusen I met my seal pal (or one very like him). We usually meet some ten km further north, and he had to circle the kayak a couple of times to acertain who the paddler really was. That is what I really like about winter paddling - no noisy high speed contraptions disturbing and scaring the wildlife (and me).

Lomma in winter sun
Lomma in winter sun

The seal pal
The seal pal


Tack för kartan! jag känner mig därmed både orienterad och en smula bekräftad - härligt! Jag kontrar med den här:

Så Sommen är isfri fortfarande? För det var väl ett Black Pearl-spår - inte skridskor?

Ja nu på förmiddagen var den det. Jag var ute å provkörde en ny regnponcho för 249:- med pärlan. Jag kom dock inte hela vägen till Trollön den här gången.

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