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My commercial kayak projects

This fall I have had a ot of mails on the coming kayak models, especially Black Pearl – and noted some confusion on blogs and fora. Here is an update on my cooperation with Nordic Kayaks, Seabird Design and Petruskajak:

Fusion at sea

Nordic kayaks and Fusion

Fusion is ready for production and can be ordered from Nordic Kayaks. Prices and data on Nordics site. Delivery time on agreement.

More on developing (some in english):
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Rapido: a smaller Fusion
A shorter and more basic kayak, Rapido, is being produced in Hungary – I have yet no info on availability, prices etc. On the photo, the first hull is tested in Hungary First out is a traditional multisport model, followed a little later by a surfski version. The prototype can be tested in Stockholm in mars and kayaks can be shipped from May..

Seabird Designs

Seabird Designs – no thanks! After some years with poor quality, unwillingness to take responsibility for problems and arrogance towards customers, as well as dealers and partners, I no longer have anything to do with Seabird Designs.

My assignments for Seabird have increased with time – seven plans are have been shipped to the plug shop in China up til now. I have been introduced as Seabirds new designer in the catalog, on the web site and in large format on the kayak fair in Germany a couple of month back .

Seabirds catalogue 2010

These are the models:

Black Pearl LV and HV

Two Black Pearls in prepreg epoxy/carbon: LV for paddlers up to 75-80 kg, HV for heavier paddlers or those wanting a little load capacity. Both are "real" Black Pearls with low decks and a Greenland style seating position. The price tag will be approx SEK 13000-14500: – (and there are plans for some introduction offers). Will be on the market late this spring.


Seapearl is a take on the Black Pearl theme: more volume and higher deck for those who can do with a little less "Greenland".

The first kayaks have left the factory and a happy customer in Israel reports: “The seapearl is really a pearl, the description you use in your site gives the impression that its not really good in rough conditions but I disagree, its fantastic, handles the waves very good, maneuvers quickly and is also fast, I fund it a very good kayak. Not for beginners who will find it unstable. Also the skeg is not needed even in side wind no problems rolling is really easy I suggest changing a bit the description telling that the kayak handles open sea and rough conditions very well”. (I do not know what in my initial description might imply that it should be less at home in waves (!) – perhaps I have to revise the wording)


Qanik is the kayak I wrote about earlier, that is a rendering from the same measurements as the Anas Acuta. Qanik will be available this summer.

I have furthermore helped Seabird Designs with the hydrodynamics and overall visual style on two plastic kayaks: Victory, 525x58 cm large volume touring kayak, and an international “recreation kayak” 420x63 cm.


My cooperation with Petruskajak is taking off. Together we have planned a series of plywood Black Pearls. They will be stiffer and lighter than comparable fiberglass hulls, and slighlty stiffer than prepreg epoxy hulls. The difference is due to the low density of wood (a third of fiberglass/polyester). Thus the hull can be thicker, which is the most efficient way to increase stiffness. Stiffness means strength and durability – and stiffness plus low weight means speed, acceleration and superior manoevering.

Black Pearl in plywood
Illustrator/Photoshop-rendering of the kayaks, with my coloring suggestions.

Four sizes are being produced: BP-XS, BP-S, BP-M och BP-L and they can be purchased as professionally built and finished kayaks for SEK 26000-28000. Or they can be built in Petrus shop in a building class – 8 efficient workdays with professional help and all materials including precut panels for approx SEK 15000.

These are the sizes: one children kayak and three for different sized paddlers

Loa 351 cm 520 cm 540 cm 560 cm
Beam 50 cm 47 cm 48 cm 50 cm
Rec paddler weight 30-50 kg 50-75 kg 65-90 kg 80-105 kg

Minstingen i serienThe coloring is my suggestion – the future will show if builders find them attractive or if they prefer standard kayak colors. White and black will also be available – and for an additional fee, just about any color or pattern imaginable.

For more info: contact Petruskajak.

Well, what about strip then?

With all those good alternatives available – are there still any reasons to build yourself?

You bet! A home built BP offer individual dimensioning, the same way the traditional Greenland kayaks did. None of the commercial kayaks offer the same weight/stiffness as a good stripper (even if plywood comes close). It is also a special treat to build a kayak and see it come alive at sea. I will be shipping strip plans tomorrow as well...


Jag ser fram mot någon av dessa lika mycket som ROT-pengar som ska komma åter....

Roligt att du har så många beställare inom olika kajakområden. Hoppas att det ger lite klirr i kassan.

Lite OT, Struer har gjort en "havskajak" i krysslimmadfanér (=plywood). Finns inte mycket information om den än, men kika på De påstår att den skall kunna beställas.

Hej Björn,

finns det några planer på en kommersiell Njord?

Vi har pratat om det, men det ligger i så fall en bit fram i tiden...

Hej Björn,

Jag är sugen att prova en Sea Pearl när den kommer, är dock lite orolig att jag är lite för välväxt. Jag läste på Sea Birds sida att max kapacitet är 115 kg, men vad är maxvikt på paddlaren enligt dig?

// 95 kg Magne

Jag får erkänna att jag också är lite nyfiken ;-)

Med tillverkning i Kina och utan full insyn i de där taktiska sista-minuten-besluten om laminatlayup, förstyvningar, utrustningdetaljer mm kan jag bara gissa, tills jag tittat närmare på de färdiga produktionskajakerna. Även sådant som montering av fotstöd kan råka bli lite egensinnigt hanterat - det är inte säkert att Seabirds representant eller produktionsansvarige vid fabriken vet riktigt hur en grönlandskajak används...

Men sett till designspecifikationen bör lastkaciteten räcka till - tillräckligt för dagtursutrustning i alla fall (mat, dryck, lite extrakläder) men inte så mycket mer.

OK, tack.

Hellre en kajak man trivs i än massa extra utrustningspinaler enligt mig, så det ordnar sig nog...:)

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