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Nordic Kayaks – new line 2014

During the last week Nordic Kayaks presented the new line for 2014 – one surfski at the time to prolong the suspence ;-) It is six new models, even if a couple of them look familiar – but are so significantly updated that I have come to regard them as new models. The hull shapes are tweaked towards improved stability with the same or increased speed potential and generally better maneuvering/control in difficult conditions.

Nitro (640x43) is the top of the line, fine-tuned since last year for improved control/maneuvering when surfing steep waves and sligthly more stability. It may for all I know be the fastest ocean-going surfski out there...

Nitro+ (640x43,5) with a little more beam, has a wider seat and a more protected cockpit and is slightly more stable – in theory slower but for many paddlers it will be faster (clue: the stability).

Storm (610x45) is an intermediate ski for competitive paddlers, finding the narrow elite skis a little too exciting – and a real surprice for those who think that length = speed.

Squall (580x48) is an entry-level ski for the ambitious beginner. Fast, stable with superb control in waves and with a tight catch it is a touring dream while still quite competitive. Very easy to remount and with a wide, comfortable seat.

Rapido 2.0 (585x44) is a quick and short all-round surfski suitable for surfski races, multisport, fitness paddling and light and fast touring. The hull shape is fine-tuned compared to the 2013 version.

Breeze (600x50) is two surfskis for the price of one: unloaded it is a fast and highly maneuverable surfski for fitness and racing; with touring load it becomes a calm and stable ski for light and fast touring. The hull shape is fine-tuned compared to the 2013 version.

Rapido is a quick and short all-round surfski suitable for all type of paddling such as surfski races, multisport and fitness paddling. It comes as standard fitted with a 25 cm hatch on back deck allowing for light and fast touring.

All models are available in four different layups, from 'expensive and super-light' to 'budget and still quite light' (developing low-weight layups is high on the priority list).

More info on Nordic Kayaks site


Hur är skrovformen på Breeze (600x50) ?

Skulle du säga att den är åt det plattare hållet som på Rapidon?

Rapporten är från 2013. Rapidon finns inte längre i programmet och Breeze är nkmera en ny kajak i HDPE-plast. Fredrik har tagit över allt designjobb sedan flera år tillbaka och jag har inte koll på former och sådant längre.

Men den gamla Breezen var rundare i botten än Rapidon., ocvh påminner formmässigt mer om de övriga renodlade surfskina.

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