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Njord in Gothenburg

Rollable Njord

Learning to roll? With the right kayak and some youtube clips it is not all that hard...

"Hello Björn,

Last sunday I launched my new Njord. Half an hour later I rolled it for the first time after learning how to on the internet!

I have never tried before, but have during the winter watched almost every rolling clip on Youtube. Dressed in a divers drysuit I capsized and tried to roll up two or three times without any luck - it felt impossible. Then I realized that I had forgotten the hip flick, and at the second capsize with the sweep and the hip flick cooperating, the kayak seemed to pull me out of the water. All of a sudden I sat upright and in good balance, hardly believing what had happened!

After a while I felt quite secure with the roll and had developed a couple of alternatives. I did not do another wet exit. That it should be that simple: setup, sweep, unwinding of the hips, the rest takes care of itself. But of course the kayak has a large part in it. Now I look forward to go on practicing - and paddling.

(The scale tipped at 19 kg - hatches included)

Henrik, Göteborg"


Hej Henrik

Jag har säkert lärt ut rollning till ca snart tusen pers i BKK och Sif-kajak mm...

Kul och bra sätt som du har lärt dig på - tack för det - nu kommer jag säkert att bli "arbetslös"

Paddla lugnt och fortsättt och lär dig mer rollar - det finns säkert ca 50 eller mer varianter kolla in eller varför inte QajaqSverige

Med Vänlig Hälsning


Jag fick just en rollfilm med en annan Njord - och Erik Johnsson. Jag tycker den visar att Njorden, sitt havskajaklika utseende till trots, i praktiken är en ren grönlandskajak - en ulv i fårakläder som Magnus Åström sa efter en provtur.

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