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Panthera och Frej – Arto Nikula

Panthera – Arto Nikula

From northern Finland, a couple of beautifully built kayaks finished just in time to get a brief taste of water before the sea froze over. Follow the photo links – lots of nice and instructive photos of the finished kayaks and from the building process!

"Hi Björn,
I’m writing you to say really big thanks for the kayak plans you sold us last year!

We finished our project last September, just before sea going iced. We had time to go sea couple of times for testing. I don’t have so much experience about kayaks. Anyway, my feeling was that it is perfect (Panthera). My son liked Frej too a much!

Sea is still iced here at North Finland, but it will be free soon. So we are waiting really impatient that we’ll continue our journey :)

Here are some photos from our kayaks & building process, if you are interested to see:
Panthera and Frej

Many thanks and best regards,


Hey, Arto, beautiful boats!

And interesting hatch solutions. I miss some more details on them in your photos… Perhaps I am too into details, but anyway.

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