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Round Iceland with Freya and Greg

Freya and Greg

After giving the kayaking community a real scare, having disappeared for more than a day, causing a full search of the Icelandic Coast Guard, Freya and Greg continues their circumnavigation of Iceland. The trip can be followed through Freya´s site, where Derrick Mayoleth will post messages from Iceland.

Iceland has been circumnavigated a couple of times before, by Shawna Franklin, Leon Somme and Chris Duff in 2003 and last year by Rotem Ron from Israel. What sets Freya´s and Greg´s trip apart from the others is speed - decision and upstart (”How about a little trip round Iceland next week?”) as well as the paddling itself - big open see crossings instead of hugging the coastline.

Interesting to note Freya´s comment that ”we move well together on the water” and that Freya is using a wing and Greg a Greenland paddle.

And disappearing? It seems it occurred at one of the big crossings (22 hour at sea) and with telephones not cooperating afterwards (one wet, one low on battery)…

Update: Erik reminded med that Nigel Foster and Geoff Hunter went round the island in the seventies.


Nigel Foster tog väl oxå en sväng runt Island?, typ i slutet av 70-talet i en Vyneck eller så. Han kanske till och med var först?

Ja, det missade jag. Tillsammans med Geoff Hunter 1977. Det finns kanske fler när man börjar rota...

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