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A new Sommen from Petruskajak

Sommen 450

The first Sommen was designed for Petruskajak as a short and wide fishing kayak for coastal and inland water fishing. It turned out so well, that we decided to expand it to a line of kayaks.

The original version is now Sommen 395 with princpal dimensions 395x70 cm. Three new models have been added:  Sommen 450 (450x60 cm), Sommen 520 (520x57 cm) and Sommen 580 (580x54 cm). To complete the line, one two-seater with dimensions 595x70 cm and a short fishing kayak/canoe with a traditional large cockpit (to bring a dog or a fishing companion – depending on the size of the cockpit) were added.

In the photo above, Sven Backlund is paddling the new Sommen 450 – on the lake Sommen.

The kayaks are built stitch-and-glue – i e plywood panels stitched together and finished with epoxy/fiberglass. They are as light, strong and easily upkept as strip kayaks. 

The purpose of this line is to satisfy (together with the plywood Black Pearl) most needs and wishes for kayaks to be used at sea or on inland waters, and that they should be very easily and quickly constructed at an 8-day building class at Petruskajak in Tranås. Contact Petrus for more info. 

Sommen – olika modeller...


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