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Assammik masikkut? Nope, not today!

Summer in mid september

It was Vikhög and Salviken under a hot sun today. I was detemined to fix that hand roll ending on the foredeck (Assammik masikkut), that have eluded me for almost a year now, but was so close last weekend in Denmark. Irritatingly close today as well - i got up, did not manage to stay up, but slided slowly back into the water every time. Extyremely annoying. But next time!

The good advice from Per meant a significant step forward though - I did not miss a single norsamik masikkut (forwardleaning norsaqroll). Til now I have failed at every other attempt, without knowing what I did wrong.

Vikhög today was glorious - no wind and the sun blazing from a blue sky. Even the water temp was up to 17-18º C and well over 20 in the shallows at the bottom of the bay. Incredible so late in september and at the same latitude as Kodiak island!

Summer weather in Salviken

Summer weather in Salviken

Small clumps of Thrift (Armeria maritima) glowed pink in the dry grass as if it was still early june.

Armeria maritima

At the beach I found traces of a massacre - about fifty dead cods, between one and two feet long, most with filets cut out, but some with only marks of beaks and claws - and the waters of Salviken filled with very satisfied gulls.

Cod leftovers


Mange tak for sidst.

Også jeg var ude i det vidunderlige vejr, og øve på forrige weekends, gode råd. Følte faktisk at jeg blev helt flyvende på et tidspunkt, da jeg havde fokus på, ikke at trække for hårdt i padlen ;-) Norsaq rullet virker 3 ud af 5 gange, og idag står den så på øvelser i håndrullet. Det er med at udnytte det skønne lune vejr. Go' søndag.

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