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New surfski from China

Surfski från Liker Kayaks

Another new kayak from the busy Chinese manufacturer, that I have designed a couple of kayaks for recently – this time, a short plastic (HDPE) surfski, 505x55 cm, aimed at the recreational market, workout and light touring, rather than the racing circus.

A surfski has some interesting advantages for this kind of use: it is fast and very manoeuvrable, easy to get in and out of, and to take a swim from (no tight cockpit to crawl into and no spraydeck to attach) and it is safe to use as it is easy to get up on from the water (no balancing with a high center of gravity while getting your legs in under a foredeck. If you get water in the cockpit from a breaking wave or a capsize, the footwell bailer will drain the cockpit when you speed up (more about this here).

The surfski will be shipped with either a racing rudder if you are serious about speed, or an aft mounted touring rudder (Smarttrack) if you prefer a rudder that can be lifted for getting close to the shore or in shallow waters. These are easily user interchangeable.

I have yet no information where and by whom this surfski will be marketed.

Surfski 505x55 cm


Looks very interesting, what other models are coming out through Chinese distributors?

From my hand, it is those mentioned in the link above. There may be a few more coming but nothing is decided yet.

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