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Attach molds to strongback

The strongback can be very simple - two planks, nailed together in the ends and spread with a crossbar. Attach 1x2´s to the strongback, for the molds, at the distance noted on the plans. If this strikes you as primitive, feelfreetocomplicate...

A tensioned string along the top of the strongback is a handy reference for adjusting the molds.

Attach the molds temporarily with clamps, adjust them horisontally and vertically and fasten with a couple of screws.

When all molds are in place, cut the stems and attach to the strongback and molds. A last check that eveything is OK and...

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Hej Björn,

centreringen i sidled är glasklar mha centrum linan.

Men uppfattade inte hur man hamnar rätt i höjdled.



Har du tittat i byggbeskrivningen ;-)

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