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Stripping the hull 2

The strips are stapled in position and the process is quick and uncomplicated. There are (at least) two ways: square sawn strips that are stapled without any glue. Epoxy is then applied over the completed hull with a large brush. The other way is using bead-and-cove strips and gluing one strip at a time with carpenters glue. The first is a faster way, the seconds may be visually more pleasing. There is no functional difference.

The last few strips on the bottom have to be fitted to the keel strip - it may take a couple of cuts before the precision is there, but then then it is a rather straightforward operation. Normally a hull is completed in a few hours

When you are satisfied, it is time to prepare for sanding…

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Hi Bjørn, why did you use glue in this photo? I thought glue was only applied when using routed bead and cove strips.

I have through the years tried a lot of different methods: gluing square-cut strips individually with small batches of epoxy, gluing bead-and-cove strips with carpenters glue with and without staples, dry stripping followed by working in epoxy afterwards etc. The photo above is from January 2005 in the midst of my bead-and-cove-and-carpenters-glue period – the Njord prototype. I could have changed all pics to new ones, but I like the idea of showing that there are many ways to get the job done, and not necessarily right or wrong...


En fråga om metoden där man väljer raksågade ribbor utan att limma, bara klammer och sedan limmar allt på en gång med expoxy: flyter epoxyn in mellan ribborna som på detta sätt limmar ihop allt?

Hur får man bort klammer efter att epoxyn lagts på? Är inte dom då fastlimmade? Har aldrig jobbat med epoxy...

Epoxy flyter in i extremt små utrymmen (som mellan träcellerna 1/1000 mm). Däremot är krypförmågan så stor att den inte fyller stora glipor (~>1 mm) – sådana måste spacklas med förtjockad epoxy.

Klammerna är ganska lätta att få bort, och epoxyn skyddar träytan mot skador av borttagningsverktyget.

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