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Finishing the deck…

With the deck stripped, you know what to do: sand, coat, attach and wet out the cloth. Do this on both sides of the deck.

A little extra fiberglass is needed as reinforcements - under the aft deck behind the cockpit etc - consult the manual or plans. If the kayak is without bulkheads a couple of deckbeams may be advisable to counter the load of someone sitting on the deck during rescues.

Time for a couple of small but necessary tasks: cockpit and deck hardware…

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After fiberglassing the deck - would it not be advisable to remove the entire deck and fiberglass the whole underside ? Then re-install the deck ?

Thank you

Douglas Lee

Yes, the deck is finished the same way as the hull. A symmetrical layup is necessary to avoid dimensional changes of the deck and in the individual wood strips.

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