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Ritningssats, Panthera.2 - 1 600 SEK Beställ

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Rekommenderad utrustning: justerbar skädda roder skott/luckor


Panthera.2 är en ny hybrid-kajak – enkelt uttryckt en surfski med kajakdäck. Men riktigt så enkelt är det såklart inte. Även om skrovformen i grunden är en surfski (Spindrift) finns en inte obetydligt influens från Njord/2. Jag förväntar mig därför att kajaken är aningen lugnare än en renodlad surfski, men att den ändå är kontrollerbar om man skulle drabbas av en akut lust att diagonalsurfa i grov sjögång. Jag väntar mig också att man på surfskivis kan hålla en högre fart i medsjö just genom surfegenskaperna.

I grunden ligger Panthera.2 så nära surfskiidealet att ett roder är nödvändigt för att dra full nytta av potentialen (mer om skillnaden här). Ett underliggande surfskiroder är naturligtvis bäst, för precisionen i styrningen, men med lite havskajak i konceptet fungerar det bra även med att akterhängt roder – gärna då med något av de lite större bladen (eller ett integralroder). Med långfärdslast ligger kajaken lite djupare i vattnet och därmed med lite mer kursstabilitet, vilket ger en mer avslappnad paddling på långa dygnsdistanser.

Ritningen visar grundversionen, 680 cm lång, men på linjeritningen finns två alternativa versioner; 646 och 629 cm långa. 



Panthera.2 – Luca SegantiPanthera.2 – Luca SegantiPanthera.2 – Luca SegantiPanthera.2 – Luca Seganti


Längd¹ 680/672 cm (total/kvl)
Bredd 59/55 cm (total/kvl)
Djupgående 12 cm
Sittbrunn¹ 80x40 cm
Innerhöjd¹ 29,5/21 cm (framför/bakom sittbrunnen)
Vikt² 20-25 kg
Deplacement/volym⁶ 255 kg/600 liter
Fart³ 9,9/14,9 km/h
Prismatisk koefficient 0,57
Våt yta 3,1 m²
Släpmotstånd⁴ 1,96/3,38 kp
Stabilitet⁵ 3/4 (initial/slutstyvhet)
Användningsområde Långfärd, surf, tävling i hav eller sjösystem

¹ Dessa mått kan lätt ändras efter egna önskemål
² Beroende på träslag, utrustning, noggrannhet med slipning, laminering etc.
³ Marschfart resp. motsvarande toppfart. Värdena är från början teoretiskt uträknade (Crouch´s formel) och justerade efterhand som jag kan göra relevanta praktiska tester.
⁴ Släpmotståndet i 4 resp. 5 knop mätt i kp vid angiven lastkapacitet.
⁵ Initialstabilitet resp. slutstabilitet – 1 är mycket rank, 5 är mycket stabil.
⁶ Deplacement är kajak + paddlare + last. Räkna bort kajakens vikt för att få lastkapaciteten.

Om ritningar och bygge

Ritningsbladen rymmer den information som behövs för att bygga kanoten. Spant, stävar och eventuella konstruktionsdetaljer i fullskala. Linje- och konstruktionsritning i skala 1:10. Viktiga detaljer eller idéskisser i full skala. Sittbrunnen, 80x40 cm i fullskala. Ritningen visar grundversionen, 680 cm lång, men även två alternativa längder; 646 och 629 cm.

Med ritningssatsen följer en illustrerad byggmanual med 36 sidor, som går igenom alla moment – tillräckligt detaljerat för att även en helt ovan byggare skall klara av att bygga kajaken.

Ritningssats, Panthera.2 - 1 600 SEK Beställ


Have a nice day, I have to commend your work on the web and, obviously, on the designs of your vessels. Very interesant and inspiring. I built Auk 14 from Guilemont kayaks and this year two Chessapeek 17. Until a month ago I discovered your kayak designs. I want to build a Phanter 2 double-oak. In your speed table, you have a low travel and max speed compared to kayaks like Thule 2, Nomad 2, Alert 2. I think Panther 2 should be faster.Sorry, my English, but translated by Google.

You are quite right. The figures given are not Panthera's. They ended up there by mistake. I have corrected them now, from the latest hydrodynamical set of data: speed 9,9/14,9.

Then, of course, these kayaks are different and they perform better or worse in different conditions. Panthera.2 has an edge at surfing big waves and would leave a Nomad/2 far behind. But on more calm conditions the difference is small since Pantera.2 has more load capacity than Nomad/2 and thus increased drag.

This data is an indication of the potential, but can never be taken to exactly express the true performance of a kayak.

Hi Bjorn, where there is a Panthera 2 that I could paddle for a try ?

Hi François. Panthera.2 is a new addition to my catalog, and just a handful is yet ordered. I do not know if there is a finished Panthera.2 yet, but two of the builders accept contact with other builders: one in Sachsen, Germany, the other in Kiev, Ukraine.

Thanks for this informations. Can you message me the email for the builder in Germany. I plan to go in Sachsen some day as my son is living in Dresden, it 'd be nice if I can see a Panthera 2 there.

Send an email to me. I'll reply with the contact info.

The plans were purchased just three weeks ago, so I doubt you can see more than an initiated project.

Hi Bjorn,

I am getting my wife's Frej close to completion and planning my next project. We still paddle our Nomad/2 weekly but have need for a surfski double. I think a devolution of the Panthera/2 back to a surfski would be just the ticket. Specifically making a double surfski "cockpit" with the rudder being controlled by the larger paddler in the bow position.

I would like your thoughts and any help in placement and design of the paddlers seats, bow 6 ft and 220 lbs, stern 5' 4'' and 140 lbs.

Thanks for all your designs and support,


Hi Kent,

Your idea is quite right. Panthera.2 is, in essence, a stretched Spindrift, with two differences:

1. it is wider than Spindrift to provide a little more initial stability, which is often, but not always, needed (it is easier to handle low stability on your own than when exposed to another paddlers movements to stay upright), and

2. the deck is higher, very little in front of the cockpit, but approx 4 cm in the aft part (to provide more room for the touring duffel).

So, a surfski version of Panthera.2 would make a fine touring surfski double, but perhaps unnecessary wide for competitive use (fx 2 cm wider than an Epic V8 double and 10 cm wider than the V10 double).

I'll be happy to calculate the cockpit position for your given weights, Just give me your intended LOA (three options on the plans).

Hi Bjorn,

You have deduced our plans exactly. We will be competing in the Recreational Tandem Class (K2Rec) which is >22.1 inch and unlimited length. The Epic V8 Double 22.4in x 22ft is our closest competition. It is often found to be the best compromise between stablity and speed. A Race class double causing wasted energy staying upright which interferes with concentration on all power going to the stroke. This is especially true for rough conditions. Our Nomad/2 has been a wonderful boat at 750cm and 59.7cm as built. Our only stability issue is when having following seas which plant the bow and lift the stern rudder. Just the conditions for which the surfski was designed.

We will be building the 680 length boat with 220# paddler in the bow and 140 # stoker at the stern. This allows me to draft in competition without "looking through" the bow paddler or having to estimate the closing distance from 5 meters astern. Please let me know if this arrangement would be problematic.

Plans are purchased and no hurry.



hi Björn, can the construction plans be sent by email in pdf or dwg format?


Hello Bjorn, I hope that all is well. I am getting a good start on my kayak decked Spindrift so it is time to start planning the next project. We currently have a wonderful touring double (Shearwater Double, 564cm x 63 cm) but are looking for something lighter/faster for day touring and recreational racing. The Panthera.2 looks like a good candidate, but I was wondering what the cockpit spacing is for the 646 cm boat? (Can't build the full length version because it will not fit in my garage.) I ask because one of the things that we love about the Shearwater is that the cockpits are spaced almost 200 cm apart allowing the two of us to paddle at our own cadence without fear of hitting paddles. Thanks

Hello Mark, The cockpits on the 646 cm version are 147 cm C/C apart, which I chose as a reasonable compromise between keeping weight as far as possible from the ends (sea-worthiness) and far enough apart to minimize paddle clashes.

But it is easy to adjust the distance as needed – symmetrically if you keep the cockpits positioned for approx the same weight in both, or asymmetrically if you balance that hull for different weights (in which case I'll be happy to assist with the calculations if needed).

I once built a too long boat in my short garage by nailing plywood on top of the opened doors and covering the extension with a tarp ;-)

Excellent, thanks Bjorn. I'll be ordering the plans in a couple of months. I'll touch base then for help with the cockpit placement.

Bonjour Björn,

Je suis à la recherche de plans de Surfski double.

C'est essentiellement pour naviguer lors de course en France comme " la Dordogne intégrale".

Est il possible d'adapter 2 cockpit de spindrift dans un Panthera. 2?

Je mesure 176 cm et 85 kg et le second pagayeur 170 cm et 60 kg.


Hello Olivier,

Yes, there are no problems putting two spindrift cockpits on the Panthera.2. But the Panthera is a more stable craft than Spindrift, more of a standard sea kayak than a competitive surfski, and it is intended for touring. Used for competition without the extra 25-35 kg touring load it will float a bit high and be more sensitive to the wind.

But I have an almost finished surfski double on the computer, which I hope to be able to publish within a week or two. A preliminary sketch was shown here (scroll down).

It will be an intermediate surfski double at 680x54 cm, compared to the Panthera.2:s 680x59 cm. There will be a significant speed advantage of the Spindrift double, but of course, also sacrificing some stability (but within reach for intermedia paddlers).

Merci Björn pour ces informations. J'ai essayé le Epic v10 double et le v8 double. Le spindrift double se situerait à mi-chemin ( stabilité...).

Je suis impatient que les plans soient disponibles.

À bientôt


Yes, somewhere in between V10 and V8, and with slightly more stability than Nordic Kayaks 670 Double –and more stable than Fenn and Carbonology skis.

hello Björn

I want to take advantage of the winter to build the two-seater kayak that will allow me to participate in the race "la dordogne integrale" with my daughter.

Are the plans of your Surfski finished? If not, can you provide the plans of the Panthera 2 with the plans of a cockpit of Surfski?

Thank you for your answer.



Hello Olivier, Nothing much has happened to the surfski double plans during the last year. I redrew the hull for better performance and am happy with the result – the hull, lines, stations, hydrodynamic data, etc are all done, but the deck around the cockpits caused me some concerns. If I had more time I would have built a prototype and solved the problems hands-on in the workshop, which I think would have been fairly straightforward. But other projects and assignments got in the way, and the surfski development slowed down – and the Covid-19 pandemic increased the number of kayak builders and thus increased my workload with emails and phone calls from first-time builders. I hope I can finish the last details of the surfski plans during the fall/winter, but I still have commercial assignments taking a lot of my time, so no promise of a date.

But as I said, everything is finished and checked, but for some details on the deck/cockpit connections, so if you feel confident to build from a set of plans, where a few deck details are a bit sketchy, I can ship the plans to you free of charge, and you can customize the deck to your needs and send a photo or two of the result.

Or, if you prefer, I can ship the Panthera.2 plans with the surfski cockpit suggested lines...

Hello Björn,

I have no problem with building from not quite finished deck plans. I will even be happy to look for a technical solution for the cockpit/deck junction.

I will regularly send you pictures of the progress of the project and the technical solutions chosen. I am not a professional, but the idea of working on a prototype is extremely motivating.

would you be able to send me the plans by email, so that I can get to work quickly?

"La Dordogne intégrale" takes place mid-April;-)

have a nice day


Yes, I will ship pdf:s. But I don't have your email address – mail me...

Hello Björn,

I sent you an email on your address

good evening

Hello Björn, did you receive my email address on your personal mailbox?

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