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Plans, Panthera.2 - 125 EUR Purchase


Panthera.2 is a new double surfski-sea kayak hybrid – simply put a surfski with a kayak deck. But that would be an over-simplification. There is a small portion of sea kayak added to the mix, giving Panthera.2 slightly calmer movements in waves than an all-out competitive surfski. I expect the performance to be a tad less extreme than that of a thoroughbred surfski, but yet manageable should the paddler develop an acute desire to surf diagonally in high speed on large waves. I also expect a pair of competent paddlers to be able to keep Panthera.2 at speeds above hull speed á la surfskis off following seas.

Basically, Panthera.2 is so close to a genuine surfski that a rudder is needed to meet the potential (more about the difference here). An under-the-hull rudder with a surfski type of pedals is, of course, the best, but for fast touring, a rudder on the stern will do fine – preferably with one of the larger blades. With a full touring load, the kayak settles down to more directional stability for relaxed long distance paddling.

The plans show the original Panthera.2 at 680 cm LOA, but two shorter options are indicated on the lines drawing; 646 cm and 629 cm.


Length¹ 680/672 cm (overall/WL)
Beam 59/55 cm (overall/WL)
Draft 12 cm
Cockpit¹ 80x40 cm
Height¹ 29.5/21 cm (in front of/behind the cockpit)
Weight² 20-25 kg
Load capacity 255 kg/600 litre
Speed³ 9.1/13.1 km/h
Prismatic coefficient 0.57
Wetted surface 3.1 m²
Drag⁴ 1.91/3.18 kp
Stability⁵ 3/4 (initial/secondary stability)
Intended use Fast touring, surfing, sea kayak racing

* These dimensions can be adapted to suit personal needs or wishes.
** Depending on type of wood, equipment, care with epoxy usage, sanding etc. etc.
*** The speed numbers are based on mathematical standard formulas (175 lb paddler + 30 lb carco weight) and corrected from the kayaks actual performance om trials, on tours and in races.
⁴ Calculated resistance in 4 and 5 knots (at nominal load capacity).
⁵ Initial stability and secondary stability on a subjective scale, where 1 is very tippy and 5 is very stable.


The plan sheets contain the information needed to build the kayak/canoe. Station molds, stems and construction details are full scale. Recommended cockpit size is shown full size. The plans show 680 cm LOA, but two shorter options (646 and 629 cm) are indicated. Lines and construction drawings are in metric scale 1:10. Building manual available on the website.

The illustrated step-by-step building manual is in Swedish only, but it is available online in English: it covers all steps in detail and will guide first-time builders through the project.

Plans, Panthera.2 - 125 EUR Purchase


Have a nice day, I have to commend your work on the web and, obviously, on the designs of your vessels. Very interesant and inspiring. I built Auk 14 from Guilemont kayaks and this year two Chessapeek 17. Until a month ago I discovered your kayak designs. I want to build a Phanter 2 double-oak. In your speed table, you have a low travel and max speed compared to kayaks like Thule 2, Nomad 2, Alert 2. I think Panther 2 should be faster.Sorry, my English, but translated by Google.

You are quite right. The figures given are not Panthera's. They ended up there by mistake. I have corrected them now, from the latest hydrodynamical set of data: speed 9,9/14,9.

Then, of course, these kayaks are different and they perform better or worse in different conditions. Panthera.2 has an edge at surfing big waves and would leave a Nomad/2 far behind. But on more calm conditions the difference is small since Pantera.2 has more load capacity than Nomad/2 and thus increased drag.

This data is an indication of the potential, but can never be taken to exactly express the true performance of a kayak.

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