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Plans, Alert/2 - 150 EUR Purchase

The plans show three deck layouts – two cockpits close to each other (best in a seaway), two cockpits with a cargo hatch or child cockpit between and one large classical open cockpit.


Första byggetAlert/2 - byggd av Göran AnderssonAlert/2 - byggd av Göran AnderssonAlert/2 - byggd av Göran AnderssonAlert/2 – Erik Granberg


Alert lines

Length¹ 620/570 cm (overall/WL)
Beam 61/56 cm (overall/WL)
Draft 12 cm
Cockpit¹ 88x40 cm
Height¹ 31/30 cm (in front of/behind the cockpit)
Weight² 23-27 kg
Displacement/volume⁶ 265 kg/640 litre
Speed³ 8.2/11.7 km/h
Prismatic coefficient 0.56
Wetted surface 2.84 m²
Drag⁴ 2.23/4.1 kp
Stability⁵ 5/5 (initial/secondary stability)
Intended use Coastal and open sea touring. Lakes and rivers. Exercise and day tours.

* These dimensions can be adapted to suit personal needs or wishes.
** Depending on type of wood, equipment, care with epoxy usage, sanding etc. etc.
*** The speed numbers are based on mathematical standard formulas (175 lb paddler + 30 lb carco weight) and corrected from the kayaks actual performance om trials, on tours and in races.
⁴ Calculated resistance in 4 and 5 knots (at nominal load capacity).
⁵ Initial stability and secondary stability on a subjective scale, where 1 is very tippy and 5 is very stable.
⁶ Displacement is kayak + paddler + load. Count off the kayak weight to get the load capacity.


The plans show three suggested cockpit layouts: the standard configuration that is hydrodynamically best, two cockpits with a large hatch/child cockpit and the bold-style large cockpit.

Three cockpit configurations  

Alert plans

The illustrated step-by-step building manual is in Swedish only, but it is available online in English: it covers all steps in detail and will guide first-time builders through the project.

Plans, Alert/2 - 150 EUR Purchase

Minimum window dimensions to get your kayak out from the workshop:


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