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Spindrift 2


Plans, Spindrift 2 - 160 EUR Purchase

Spindrift.2 is a two-person version of Spindrift, with the same intended usage and the same performance profile. More info coming...


Spindrift lines

Spindrift is intended to be built 646 cm long, but the drawings also show alternative LOAs; 629 and 680 cm. 

Length¹ 646 cm (overall/WL)
Beam 54 cm (overall/WL)
Draft 13 cm
Displacement/volume⁶ 182 kg/494 litre

* These dimensions can be adapted to suit personal needs or wishes.
** Depending on type of wood, equipment, care with epoxy usage, sanding etc. etc.
*** The speed numbers are based on mathematical standard formulas (175 lb paddler + 30 lb carco weight) and corrected from the kayaks actual performance om trials, on tours and in races.
⁴ Calculated resistance in 4 and 5 knots (at nominal load capacity).
⁵ Initial stability and secondary stability on a subjective scale, where 1 is very tippy and 5 is very stable.
⁶ Displacement is kayak + paddler + load. Count off the kayak weight to get the load capacity.


The plan sheets contain the information needed to build the kayak/canoe. Station molds, stems and construction details are full scale. For kayaks the recommended cockpit size is shown half scale with offsets for a full scale drawing and advice on altering the size. On the plans you will also find advice on how to shorten or lengthen the craft. Lines and construction drawings are in metric scale 1:10.

Spindrift 2 – plans

The illustrated step-by-step building manual is in Swedish only, but it is available online in English: it covers all steps in detail and will guide first-time builders through the project.

Plans, Spindrift 2 - 160 EUR Purchase


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