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Spindrift 2


Plans, Spindrift 2 - 170 EUR Purchase

Spindrift.2 is a two-person version of Spindrift, with the same intended usage and the same performance profile. More info coming...


Spindrift lines

Spindrift is intended to be built 646 cm long, but the drawings also show alternative LOAs; 629 and 680 cm. 

Length¹ 646 cm (overall/WL)
Beam 54 cm (overall/WL)
Draft 13 cm
Displacement/volume⁶ 182 kg/494 litre

* These dimensions can be adapted to suit personal needs or wishes.
** Depending on type of wood, equipment, care with epoxy usage, sanding etc. etc.
*** The speed numbers are based on mathematical standard formulas (175 lb paddler + 30 lb carco weight) and corrected from the kayaks actual performance om trials, on tours and in races.
⁴ Calculated resistance in 4 and 5 knots (at nominal load capacity).
⁵ Initial stability and secondary stability on a subjective scale, where 1 is very tippy and 5 is very stable.
⁶ Displacement is kayak + paddler + load. Count off the kayak weight to get the load capacity.


The plan sheets contain the information needed to build the kayak/canoe. Station molds, stems and construction details are full scale. For kayaks the recommended cockpit size is shown half scale with offsets for a full scale drawing and advice on altering the size. On the plans you will also find advice on how to shorten or lengthen the craft. Lines and construction drawings are in metric scale 1:10.

Spindrift 2 – plans

The illustrated step-by-step building manual is in Swedish only, but it is available online in English: it covers all steps in detail and will guide first-time builders through the project.

Plans, Spindrift 2 - 170 EUR Purchase


Recently completed a modified version of Bjorn’s Spindrift 2. I wanted a very stable and shorter version of the design for relaxed ocean paddling. Something a bit more stable than a Epic V8 double and lower volume than my Nelo 600 and of course, better looking. The Nelo has way too much volume for Luanne and I, us being on the lighter side weight wise. I built a Spindrift single years ago and have been very pleased with that design.

I contacted Bjorn and requested that he make some modifications to the stock design. The modified design is 612cmLx58cmW. I made a mould from my Think Zen to create the carbon fiber buckets. Long story short, we recently launched her and couldn’t be more pleased. Turned out to be more stable and faster then expected. Took her out in some wind and waves yesterday and was pleased with the sports car feel. Very responsive and nimble. A bit wet going into steep chop but a wave deflector and open bailer takes care of that. Every design consideration has a price. We both came home elated at how much fun this boat is to paddle. Thanks again Bjorn for a wonderful design! Ken

Thank you, Ken. I am happy that it lived up to your expecatations ;-)

Do you have photos?

Had another relaxed paddle in the Spindrift 2 yesterday with my wife Luanne. This time in flat water. The first word that came to us both is this boat is FUN. We are accustomed to paddling tippier surfskis and enjoy that immensely. The purpose of this boat is to have these type of relaxed paddles but still have a well performing boat. We have no problem easily paddling it between 9.6kph and 9.9kph and have sprinted above 13kph. We have taken a couple of months off from regular paddles so I would expect even better performance when the ‘motors” are tuned up.

Of course part of the pleasure in paddling this ski is the comfort. As mentioned earlier the ZEN bucket is perfect for us both. I can’t emphasize enough how important getting the correct bucket is in order to have the ergonomics and comfort that is so important to get the most out of a surfski.

Here are some photos of the build. I hope to improve the album after taking care of some projects around the house didn’t get done because of this build. Building boats is way more fun than home maintenance!

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