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Kayaks for kids

I have had a number of requests for kayaks for kids. The idea has not been high on my list, since I feel that kids tend to outgrow their kayaks, and  since my smaller kayaks (Smart, Kavat and Black Pearl) have proven easy to handle for young folks. But now, with a bunch of grandchildren with not very subtle hints from their parents – I have rethought the matter. Thus four small kayaks in the catalog.

Modeled on Kavat and Isfjord, they are designed to have approx the same feel as their fullsize namesakes. Two sizes of each: Micro for kids somewhere 8-11 years and with a load capacity of 55 kg, and Mini, aimed at young teenagers and loading up to 70 kg. The kayaks are very easily handled but still have a healthy weight margin to be used for a number of years – or for camping gear when touring.

The dimensions are the same for both models. The Micros are 403 cm long and 50 cm wide, The Minis are 468 cmx50 cm. The width may seem a little excessive for small kids, but I wanted enough stability so that not even the youngest should have to use addon pontoons. As with the fullsize kayaks, the length is easily adjusted from instructions on the plans.

  1. Kavat micro


    Kavat micro, 403x50 cm
    Plans 90 EUR

  2. Isfjord micro


    Isfjord micro, 403x50 cm
    Plans 90 EUR

  3. Kavat mini


    Kavat mini, 468x50 cm
    Plans 90 EUR

  4. Isfjord mini


    Isfjord mini, 468x50 cm
    Plans 90 EUR


Hej Björn, jag har nu två kajaker och behöver knappast fler i garaget..., men jag lovade min dotter att jag skulle göra en sof till henne när hon lärde sig simma. Hon är 6 år, är 127 cm över havet och väger typ 23 kg vilket ger en kajak med en längd av c:a 3,80 m om man använder grönländarnas antropomorfiska måttsystem. Frågan är vad blir bredden egentligen. Hon kommer ju växa och och bli tyngre. Dina microkajaker är ju beräknade till 55 kg vilket är det dubbla min dotters vikt räcker 40 cm i bredd även när hon väger 30 kg. Jag har för avsikt att använda utriggare. Jag vet att det är fåfängt och att hon kommer växa ur den alldeles för fort, men hon har ju en yngre bror och då får jag ju tillfälla attbygga en till!


"The Micros are 403 cm long and 590 cm wide". Not slender at all !.

I guess correct values are: "The Micros are 403 cm long and 50 cm wide"

Your guess is of course correct ;-)

Thanks for pointing it out.

Hello Björn and Daniel, I know it is a while since Daniel made the promise to his daughter. My observations from building a kayak for my then 2.5 year old girl to her measures was that she was comfortable with the kayak that first year. Once she grew in length and weight more width and volume had been required to compensate for her higher balance point. Both inital stability and secondary stability dimnished and she felt insecure. The greenland style kayak I built for myself last summer (her age then 5.5) was perfect for her she said- although she desires a kayak specially built and ornamented for her.

Addon pontoons for added stability is trouble - the added initial stability will be used to the limit. When the package flips - the pontoon(s) or outrigger will switch sides and hinder assisting the kid. The added stability is counterproductive when the boat - possibly with a passenger needs to be rolled upright again.

Cheers, Jöns

Hello Jöns!

I have made her two kayaks now, and they're not worn out really. Both have been tremendeously unstable for a beginner, but since I put on outriggers there was never really any problems. My kids have only used the kayaks in very shallow water. If you like, you can always check out my building blog for the last project: . It's only in Swedish though.


That was the main reason for my keeping the small kayaks quite wide – no need for added stability and when the kids are old enough to roll they can, in my experience, handle the width disadvantage quite easily.

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