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Frej XS

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Frej XS

Plans, Frej XS - 75 EUR Purchase

Frej XS is a smaller version of  Frej, intended for children, young teenagers and other light paddlers, wanting more potential and attitude than the micro and min versions of Kavat and Isfjord. Frej XS is slightly narrower, handier in wind and waves and very easy to roll.

Frej XS is easily adjusted for different paddler weights. Three lengths are indicated on the plans: 429, 442 and 455 cm, with load capacity to match: 76,80 and 85 kg. But the LOA can also be adjusted outside those suggestions (advice on the plans).

Two cockpit sizes are indicated: 66x38 and 51x38 cm – but this can also be adjusted as wished (advice on the plans).

More information about the background, design considerations, reviews, etc, can be found on the page with the full-size Frej kayaks.


Frej XS – Erik SandströmFrej XS – Erik SandströmFrej XS – Christer Mjömark


Frej XS ritningar

Frej-XS is shipped on three sheets: fullsize station molds foreward and aft, a lines and construction drawing in metric scale 1:10 plus suggested details, and letter with advice on materials and a link to building manual in English.



Length¹ 442/432 cm (overall/WL)
Beam 49/47 cm (overall/WL)
Draft 11 cm
Cockpit¹ 66x38 cm
Height¹ 25/17 cm (in front of/behind the cockpit)
Weight² 13-15 kg
Displacement/volume⁶ 80 kg/230 litre
Prismatic coefficient 0.53
Wetted surface 1.64 m²
Stability⁵ 4 (initial/secondary stability)
Intended use Day trips and long distance touring an most conditions and waters, surfing and playing.

* These dimensions can be adapted to suit personal needs or wishes.
** Depending on type of wood, equipment, care with epoxy usage, sanding etc. etc.
*** The speed numbers are based on mathematical standard formulas (175 lb paddler + 30 lb carco weight) and corrected from the kayaks actual performance om trials, on tours and in races.
⁴ Calculated resistance in 4 and 5 knots (at nominal load capacity).
⁵ Initial stability and secondary stability on a subjective scale, where 1 is very tippy and 5 is very stable.
⁶ Displacement is kayak + paddler + load. Count off the kayak weight to get the load capacity.

Plans, Frej XS - 75 EUR Purchase

Background and history

Frej XS is built on the same hull configuration as the original versions and share the same history and background.


Hello, Bjorn.

My son and I plan to build the Frej XS. He is 35kg and maybe 45kg by the time we have finished. He is a comfortable kayak paddler, mostly rivers. He needs something that rolls.

I was thinking to follow this build with a Frej L for myself. I am 105kg, 188cm. I almost always a canoe paddler but like to kayak the local choppy surf. Are the builds similar and able to compliment? I am working on a second canoe at the moment and enjoy the process. I think I can build a kayak with the experience I have gained. Thank you for your wonderful website. Best, Christopher

Hello Christoffer

The building process is of course the same for both kayaks, only the dimensions differ.

My ambition is that the different sizes should give exactly the same experience of maneuverability, speed, safety, and kayaking fun for the intended user. Thus they are each developed from the ground up, with no reusable part between the sizes – except the know-how of course ;-)

Building a canoe is a very good preparation for kayak building – major parts of the process are the same.

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